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IIP Council Appointed

Part of the IIP Council during the first meeting of their new term: back row (l-r) James Watler, Mario Ebanks, Dax Basdeo, Philip Jackson, and Nicolas Joseph. Seated in front from left, Stacey VanDevelde, Mary Rodrigues, and Carolyn Matthews.

New members were recently appointed to the Investors in People (IIP) Council to oversee the management and development of the Investors in People Programme in the Cayman Islands.

While a number of members of the outgoing Council were reappointed so as to draw on their expertise and experience and to provide the necessary continuity of operations, some new faces were appointed including local consultant Walling Whittaker, and UCCI Director of Graduate Studies and Executive Training Carolyn Matthews.

Ministry of Education Chief Officer and IIP Council Chair Mary Rodrigues explained that the Council's objective is to support the national human capital development agenda by encouraging and helping both public and private sector organisations in the Cayman Islands to improve the way they manage and develop their people.

"Through better people management and development strategies organisations will create a more skilled workforce which will help to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the Cayman Islands within the global economy," she said.

The IIP Standard was developed in 1990 by a partnership of leading businesses and international organizations as a tool to increase the productivity and competitiveness of UK businesses through improving the skills of their workforce. It has since gained widespread acceptance and is now used in a number of countries such Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, New Zealand, Hungary, Germany, France, Finland, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man.

To date, nine organisations in the Cayman Islands have been officially recognised as attaining the Standard, following rigorous assessment by independent external UK assessors. They include KPMG, The Cayman Islands National Gallery, Caribbean Utilities Company, Appleby, Julius Baer and the Ministry's Education Standards and Assessment Unit.

Other businesses working towards recognition include Massive Equipment Rental and Sales and the Caledonian Group. The Ministry of Education, Training and Employment and the Chamber of Commerce are also due to start working towards achieving the Standard.

New Council member and a former Director of Employment Relations, Walling Whittaker explained that the Standard was initially introduced to Cayman by the Ministry of Education, Aviation and Planning in 1999 and was officially launched in April 2003.

"It was implemented to create a national framework to assist employers and encourage them to provide training programmes. Specifically, programmes that would help Caymanian employees meet eligibility criteria for advancement," he said.

Re-launched in the UK in May 2009, the Standard now has an updated framework that encompasses strategic planning, effective management, management performance, developing people, culture and communication. It also allows participating organisations to focuses on their key business priorities.

The Head of Investors in People Philip Scott commenting on the benefits of Cayman investing in its human capital said, "Research demonstrates that investing in the management and development of your people creates an organisational climate that promotes employee collaboration, delivers significantly better business performance and improves competitiveness."

"The Investors in People Council will play a pivotal role in furthering the national human capital development agenda," he added.

The Council includes employer representation through the Chamber of Commerce, employee representation through the Civil Service Association as well as representation from local organisations recognised as Investors in People.

Organisations interested in getting to know more about the IIP Standard can contact Philip Scott by email or by telephone on 244 2416.

IIP Council Members

Investors in People Council members are Chair Mary Rodrigues, Deputy Chair Peter Beckford; CIIB Executive Director Dax Basdeo; CISCA President James Watler; Community Representative Mario Ebanks; Nicolas Joseph of Appleby; Pachent Smythe of Education Standards and Assessment Unit; Stacey VanDevelde of KPMG; Chamber of Commerce CEO Wil Pineau; Ex-officio member/Secretary Philip Scott; private consultant Walling Whittaker; Samantha Bennett of the Portfolio of Finance and Economics; UCCI Director of Graduate Studies and Executive Training Carolyn Matthews; Cayman Islands Society of Human Resource Professionals President Philip Jackson; private consultant Jan Farrington and Ryan Lanham of the Civil Service College.

Source: Ministry of Education, Training and Employment.