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UCCI President Appointed

Roy Bodden is the new UCCI president.

Among his distinguishing characteristics was his ability to convince the panel that he is a visionary leader with the experience and commitment necessary...

—Berna Murphy-Cummins, UCCI Board of Governors Chair

The Board of Governors of the University College of the Cayman Islands has announced the appointment of Mr. James Arthur Roy Bodden as the new president of UCCI.

UCCI faculty and staff were first to hear the news at a social event on Friday, 16 October 2009, hosted by the Board of Governors. The Minister for Education, the Honourable Rolston Anglin, and Chief Officer, Mrs. Mary Rodrigues, were also in attendance. Mr. Bodden took up his appointment today (19 October 2009).

According to Mrs. Berna Murphy-Cummins, chairman of the UCCI Board of Governors, the appointment of Mr. Bodden followed a lengthy and vigorous process to find the right candidate. She explained that a selection/interview panel of five Board members was formed with the task of hiring a new president. "We were fortunate to have a broad field of over 130 applicants apply for the position. From this number three were short listed, two of whom were Caymanian and one a permanent resident," she said.

"Mr. Bodden has proven leadership ability and experience in a wide range of senior positions, including the private sector, education and government. He is a respected scholar, with the rare ability to relate to people at all levels," Mrs. Murphy-Cummins noted. "Among his distinguishing characteristics was his ability to convince the panel that he is a visionary leader with the experience and commitment necessary to conceive and communicate strategy at the highest levels, and to carry others with him. The Board has offered its full support to the new President and we look forward to a new start at UCCI," she added.

Minister Anglin voiced his pleasure in accepting the Board of Governors' recommendation of Mr. Bodden as the next president of UCCI. "Mr. Bodden takes over during extremely challenging times for UCCI. However, I am confident that he is the right person to be the President at this crucial juncture of the College's history and development," he said.

"The Ministry expects that UCCI will not only be stabilized but we also envision a reorganized institution focused on the needs of students and the economy. We anticipate relevant programme offerings that will distinguish UCCI not only regionally but internationally," the Minister noted.

Mr. Bodden shared his pleasure on his appointment with attendees at the social: "It is an honour to have been selected to serve as the next President of the University College of the Cayman Islands. The interview process was, by my own reckoning, one of the most meticulous, thorough and comprehensive exercises that I have experienced and it was conducted with exemplary professionalism," he said.

He stated that he had been "humbled" by the outpouring of support from persons across the Caymanian community throughout his candidacy, "and a special appreciation is held for those persons who informed me that I was borne up in their prayers. It is my hope that these prayers will continue."

Mr Bodden said that he looked forward to working with the Board of Governors, the faculty and students, "to build an institution to which every person in the Caymanian community can feel that he or she is a institution which caters to the educational needs of the growing diverse society that is the Cayman Islands."

For further information contact: Kenisha Morgan