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Championing People with Disabilities

Graphic: Disabled parking permit.

This week on GIS Spotlight a new committee works towards better access for the disabled, the GIS Get-in-Shapers learn to think before they eat and, in this year's final senior salute, Miss Bemie tells all to get up and go!

Being able to park anywhere and access all buildings are just two of the things that persons with full mobility take for granted.

So this week, we make a stop at the Ministry of Education, where Chief Officer Mary Rodrigues is leading a new committee that will focus on advancing the cause of persons with disabilities, including support for the development of new legislation.

We also interview a dancer, fisherman and occupational therapist, who show that disabilities are not necessarily obstacles.

Next, we check in with the GIS Get In Shape-participants. Now halfway through the three-month challenge, many are starting to see the benefits of exercising and eating right. We talk to Health Services Authority Nutritionist Bethany Smith on portion distortion, avoiding fad diets and stocking up on the good stuff.

Tune in for some valuable tips that will help you hit your health goals. And visit to find out more about the Get In Shape programme, which is supported by the HSA's Workplace Health and Fitness Challenge.

We conclude with a salute to super senior Miss Bemie (Ms Corine Glasgow). At 78 she is hitting the gym two to three times a week, putting the young ones to shame. She lets us in on her secret to a happy life, and she gives some strong messages to those who pump the remote instead of iron.

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