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HE Supports AG's Port Queries

HE the Governor Stuart Jack

The Governor firmly believes that one of the fundamental checks and balances in our system of government is an independent Auditor General. The new Constitution makes it clear: "In the exercise of his or her functions the Auditor General...shall not be subject to the direction or control of any other person or authority..." (section 114 [6]). That applies to the elected government, the Governor or anyone else.

The Auditor General is accordingly entitled to look into the tendering arrangements of the port development project. That is particularly applicable in this case: a major project with potentially significant economic, environmental and other implications for the country; the non-traditional process that has been adopted; and the continuing lack of information.

This does not mean that the Auditor General is trying to frustrate the project. The Governor is sure that the Auditor General wishes only to check that it has been done in a proper way. Nor does it mean that the Auditor General is conspiring with anyone else to stop the project. As far as the Governor is aware, the Auditor General decided to examine the tendering process for the port independently and on his own initiative, and with no other motive but to ensure a fair and accountable process and thereby, value for money for the Cayman Islands.

The Governor looks forward to the full cooperation of the government and Port Authority with the enquiries of the Auditor General.