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Seniors Renew Vows

Rollin and Etta Ebanks joined two other couples to renew their vows in a Frank Sound Church of God ceremony last Sunday (25 October).

I feel about her the same way that I did the first time we got married.

—73-year-old Rollin Ebanks, referring to wife Etta

Two older George Town couples renewed their vows last Sunday (25 October). Rollin and Etta Ebanks and Oswald and Myrtle Thomas who have been married for 30 and 37 years respectively, tied the knot for a second time at the Frank Sound Church of God Chapel.

An American couple, Fran and Robert Bertrand who were honeymooning in the Cayman Islands were also inspired to reaffirm their nuptials in the same ceremony.

The service occurred as a group of some 60 seniors wrapped up their weekend retreat at the Reef Resort in East End.

Planned through the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) as part of Older Persons Month, the retreat saw the seniors enjoy a full weekend complete with swimming, praise and worship, a parade, fishing, table games; story-telling; pajama party, and a reception.

For the two remarried couples, their special service topped the weekend. "I feel about her the same way that I did the first time we got married," said 73-year-old Rollin Ebanks, referring to his wife Etta.

Commenting on the secret of their relationship's longevity, he added, "Once a man and a woman marry, they have to love and respect one another; it cannot be 75%-25%, it is 50:50. We come together to agree on everything."

But he felt that the real foundation of their lasting marriage remains: the couple's Christian faith, love for God and consultative approach.

"It is really true that a family that prays together stays together. My wife and I pray together at least three times daily and we do Bible studies and read it through every year. We also allow each other quiet time to meditate each day," Mr. Ebanks said.

At 69, wife Etta agreed with her husband, but added her own touch: "I once told someone that if I was ever to get married again it would be to the same guy," she said.

The other local couple shared their similar and equally positive story: "I believe this was ordained; we were meant for each other," said 72-year-old Myrtle Thomas.

Describing themselves as "inseparable" Mrs. Thomas laughingly recalled their first date; Mr. Oswald had invited her to a Good Friday church service which lasted six hours, much to her consternation.

"We have never had a fight; we have differences, but we have never gone to bed upset with each other," she said.

Asked what the younger generation could learn from his marriage, Mr. Thomas responded, "It is a good move for them if they can learn to take one step at a time and live proper lives."

DCFS Community Development Co-ordinator Zemrie Thompson said she too was pleased with the ceremony. "These couples are fine examples to our community. Younger couples can learn a lot from them about keeping a marriage together."

The service was presided over by Rev. Rudolph Gordon of the Frank Sound Church of God Chapel.


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