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Press Releases: December 2009

Premier's New Year Message
This government is supporting several measures to combat the escalation of crime, says Premier Bush. 31st December 2009, 12:59pm
Tobacco Law in Effect
Public places are now smoke-free by law. 31st December 2009, 11:49am
Import Duties Increase
New customs tariffs take effect Monday, 4 January. 31st December 2009, 11:36am
Honouree Julene Banks
Children's welfare and empowerment are important to Julene. 31st December 2009, 10:09am
New Year's Honours for Five
Julene Banks, Betty Baraud, Frank E. Flowers, Brian (Pat) Randall and Sharon Roulstone will each be honoured for their services to the community. 31st December 2009, 9:59am
The Changing Face of PWD
PWD Project Manager Niasha Ross talks about her life long passion-now her career. 29th December 2009, 6:08pm
Cayman's Deputy Premier Speaks
A look at my life: Cayman's Deputy Premier shares her thoughts. 29th December 2009, 12:56pm
Garbage Fees are Due
Choose between a single annual or half-yearly garbage collection fees. 29th December 2009, 12:45pm
Premier's Christmas Message
"This is my advice: Find a new friend; and, be a new friend...this is my theme for Christmas." 24th December 2009, 12:43pm
Acting Governor's Xmas Message
Mr. Ebanks reflects on the past year and encourages all to enjoy the simple gifts of the season. 24th December 2009, 12:32pm
Feeling Great with Get in Shape
This week on GIS Spotlight: A special Get in Shape-edition showcases the GIS-staffers' three-month effort to be healthier. 24th December 2009, 12:23pm
Elite Status for Shaune
After graduating next summer, Olympic swimmer Shaune Fraser will sign a contract with the CI government. 24th December 2009, 12:12pm
H1N1 Vaccine Available Soon
The H1N1 flu vaccine is expected in Cayman by the end of this month and will be available to the public in early January. 24th December 2009, 11:51am
New Tobacco Rules
The new year brings the implementation of Cayman's first tobacco legislation and with it some changes for business owners. 23rd December 2009, 4:44pm
Public's Cooperation Sought
DEH official seeks cooperation in commercial collection. 23rd December 2009, 4:40pm
Holiday Confirmed
To officially make Monday, 28 December 2009, a holiday, the Public Holidays Law was amended. 23rd December 2009, 12:30pm
Children Give Back
A local children's choir donates gifts through the Department of Children and Family Services. 23rd December 2009, 11:55am
Statement on Seamen Payment
The Ministry has dug deep to assist seamen. 23rd December 2009, 10:43am
Data Protection Coming
Regulations on track to govern private sector-held personal information. 21st December 2009, 1:50pm
Cayman Christmas Special
This week on GIS Spotlight: A special Christmas edition showcases Cayman's home-grown holiday celebrations. 18th December 2009, 7:08pm
Kudos to U17 Team
The weekend's win proves once again that Cayman's athletes have the talent and resolve to make their mark on the sports arena. 18th December 2009, 6:35pm
Gender Equality Advances
Cayman takes a bold step towards ending gender discrimination. 18th December 2009, 6:20pm
Forging Links
Vulnerable residents interact with Minister Adam. 18th December 2009, 12:28pm
Offices Relocate
Immigration's Visa Office and Call Centre relocate to the downtown headquarters. 18th December 2009, 10:23am
Nine Appointments
Appointments made under the 2009 Constitution 18th December 2009, 10:17am
Local Meat Inspections
The DEH stamp confirms that locally-slaughtered meats are safe.  16th December 2009, 4:36pm
Cutters to Visit
Two US Coast Guard cutters will visit Grand Cayman during the holiday period. 16th December 2009, 4:21pm
New Clerk of Cabinet
A career civil servant takes on responsibility for the Cabinet's administrative needs, while another retires. 16th December 2009, 4:00pm
Governor's Arrival Date
Mr. Duncan Taylor, CBE, will arrive at noon Friday, 15 January, to take up his appointment. 16th December 2009, 10:11am
Legal Aid Reviewers Named
Government has appointed a committee to explore the proposed independent legal services office. 15th December 2009, 1:43pm
The Scourge of Chronic Disease
Minister Scotland declares war on a major regional epidemic: Chronic non-communicable diseases. 15th December 2009, 12:25pm
In the Spirit of Christmas
Governor's Office donates toys for needy children and gifts for women in the Crisis Centre. 14th December 2009, 5:51pm
Contractors Can Pre-qualify
Qualified small contractors can bid for Affordable Housing Project work. 14th December 2009, 5:47pm
New Principal for JGHS
Aldin Bellinfantie takes his place as JGHS Principal effective 4 January 2010. 14th December 2009, 10:40am
Bowling Over Cricket!
A donation of gear boosts Cayman's cricket. 14th December 2009, 10:35am
Dr. Rattray Passes
Government Saddened by Dr. Rattray Passing 13th December 2009, 2:35pm
Climate Change on the Agenda
This week on GIS Spotlight: Climate change priorities; unique bird watching at Boatswain's Beach Aviary, and a sizzling sixth annual Jazz Fest. 10th December 2009, 1:17pm
UK OTs Annual Meet
Minister Chris Bryant discussed UK's contingent liabilities with heads of Caribbean OTs. 9th December 2009, 5:36pm
Responding to Climate Change
Cayman's climate change priorities were set at the recent Third National Climate Change Workshop. 9th December 2009, 4:11pm
Holiday Hours
Reduced working hours on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve  8th December 2009, 8:06pm
Collection Getting Back on Track
Restoration of garbage collection schedule promised for next week.  8th December 2009, 7:47pm
A Special Day for PWDs
Persons with disabilities across Grand Cayman celebrated International Day for Persons with Disabilities with family, friends and visitors from the community. 7th December 2009, 2:18pm
Free CSC Degree Programme
Thanks to a joint CSC-UCCI venture, civil servants can now earn a cost-free degree. 7th December 2009, 2:06pm
Shoring Up Sailing
The Sports Ministry is boosting young sailors by sponsoring annual training as well as Race Cayman 2010. 7th December 2009, 1:57pm
Recruiting Time
The Cayman Islands Cadet Corps is currently recruiting cadets for its January 2010 intake. 7th December 2009, 1:35pm
Scotland at Chronic Disease Workshop
"Often our attention is so squarely focused on high profile diseases such as the pandemic flu or AIDS, that we easily forget how much the Caribbean population actually suffers from chronic diseases." 7th December 2009, 1:30pm
Partnerships Hold the Key
Successful community development means government partnering with citizens. 7th December 2009, 1:21pm
Conservationist Awarded
Fred Burton is the first recipient of the Joint Nature Conservation Committee's award. 7th December 2009, 1:16pm
National Climate Change Workshop
Remarks from Premier Bush and the Environment Minister address challenges, like coral bleaching and sustainable development. 4th December 2009, 12:16pm
Civil Service Review to Start
The first four agencies to be assessed are Prison Services, Tourism, Public Works and CINICO. 4th December 2009, 11:55am
New Fees for Travel and Marriage
Changes to travel document and visitors' marriage licence fees. 4th December 2009, 11:50am
Money Services Bill Passed
The LA approved amendments that raise licence fees which do not apply to the banking system. 4th December 2009, 11:42am
Curbing Domestic Violence
This week on GIS Spotlight: Restraints on domestic violence; Learning behind bars and finding out what works to keep in shape. 3rd December 2009, 6:51pm
The Jacks Depart Cayman
Official and elected members of government bid Mr. Stuart Jack and his family farewell Wednesday. 3rd December 2009, 6:25pm
A Gift from Flowers
In the spirit of Christmas: Sharing gifts the Flowers Group way. 3rd December 2009, 5:50pm
Students Connect with Culture
High school students soak up culture at the National Museum. 3rd December 2009, 5:29pm
Internat'l Day for Persons with Disabilities
A week of events are taking place to inform the public of issues faced by persons with disabilities in our community. 3rd December 2009, 4:42pm
Less Waste, More Gain!
Reduce waste through more meaningful giving. 2nd December 2009, 5:06pm
11th OTCC
Premier Bush will attend the eleventh meeting of the Overseas Territories Consultative Council hosted by Foreign Office Minister Chris Bryant. 2nd December 2009, 4:27pm
School Visits Begin
Strengthening relationships among the Ministry, Education Services and schools is a key objective. 2nd December 2009, 4:04pm
Disrupted Garbage Collection
Public cooperation is sought regarding garbage collection delays. 2nd December 2009, 3:42pm
Teen-Focused TV
The third in a series, this TV show highlights the destructive impact of youth violence, drug abuse and gangs. 1st December 2009, 4:17pm
Premier Chairs Cabinet
For the first time ever a Caymanian elected official presided over Cabinet.  1st December 2009, 12:15pm