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New Clerk of Cabinet

New Clerk of Cabinet

A 'changing of the guard' is taking place in the Cabinet Office, as the new Clerk of Cabinet, Mrs. Kim Bullings, assumes the role formerly held by veteran civil servant Ms. Carmena Watler.

In October Mrs. Bullings was promoted to the position of Clerk. Although Ms. Watler retired from the post that month, she continues to serve as a consultant during a three-month transition period.

Mrs. Bullings joined the civil service in 1993 as a Clerical Officer in the Executive Council Office (now Cabinet). In 2000 she left for a stint in the private sector, and rejoined government in 2004. She was promoted to Administrative Officer II in 2005.

Cabinet Secretary Mr. Orrett Connor, MBE JP, congratulated Mrs. Bullings on her promotion, while expressing gratitude to Ms. Watler for her many years in the public service. "Both officers have displayed outstanding professionalism and dedication to the role, and it is commendable that Ms. Watler has been able to pass to baton to another qualified Caymanian."

In January of 1967 Ms. Watler was employed as a secretary in government's Establishments Division now the Portfolio of the Civil Service). After working a decade she moved overseas, but returned to the civil service in 1984 as Personal Assistant to the then Minister for Tourism.

She was promoted in 1987 to Assistant Secretary in the Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs; and again in 1996 to Clerk of Executive Council now Cabinet).

Ms. Watler concluded her civil service career of more than 35 years when she retired from the position of Clerk of the Cabinet on 5 October. In addition to her Cabinet duties, Ms. Watler had been involved in the electoral process for the past 25 years, including serving as a Deputy Returning Officer during general elections.

The role of the Clerk of the Cabinet is to examine submitted Cabinet Papers, to prepare the weekly agenda, and to record the decisions taken in Cabinet. Further, she is charged with the security of records and with the distribution of official minutes to the relevant government officials.

With the introduction of the 2009 Constitution, one new role of the Clerk of the Cabinet will be to provide administrative support during meetings of the National Security Council. She will be charged with the security of the records of the National Security Council - which is expected to hold its first meeting in the new year.

For further information contact: Lennon Christian