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Holiday Confirmed

It was announced before, but now it's confirmed: Monday, 28 December 2009, is a public holiday.

The move to confirm the holiday was prompted by wording in the Public Holidays Law (2007 Revision) schedule, which states that the "day after Christmas Day" is a holiday.

But this year, Christmas falls on a Friday - meaning that according to law, the "day after Christmas" holiday (which we call Boxing Day) would be observed on Saturday, 26 December.

However, the Public Holidays Law also allows the Governor - in - Cabinet to amend, by Order, the Schedule to the Law and the Schedule was amended today.

So Monday, 28 December 2009, is now an official public holiday and Saturday, 26 December 2009, is no longer a public holiday. The Order to amend the law will be published tomorrow (23 December), in an extraordinary edition of The Cayman Islands Gazette.


For further information contact: Angela Piercy