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Legal Aid Reviewers Named

Government has appointed the Legal Aid Review Committee to review proposals by Mr. A. Steve McField and Mrs. Theresa Pitcairn to establish an independent legal services office.

Members of the committee are as follows:

  • Chairperson: Cheryl Neblett, Director Law Reform Commission
  • Mr. Ellio Solomon, fourth elected member of the Legislative Assembly for George Town
  • Mr. A. Steve McField, attorney-at-law
  • Mr. Valdis Foldats, Clerk of the Court
  • Mrs. Delene Cacho, Courts Administrator
  • Mr. Steve Moore, Head of Governor's Office.

The committee held its first meeting on Monday 14 December and will meet again on Wednesday 16 December.

Amongst other things, the committee has been asked to provide a streamlined eligibility test for legal aid and to report on the advantages or disadvantages between the proposed legal services office and the current judicial administered system.

The committee is expected to finalize its report by 1 February 2010.