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New Fees for Travel and Marriage

The public is advised of new and revised fees relating to travel documents and special marriage licences for visitors.

The Passport and Corporate Services (PCS) Office of the Department of Immigration has confirmed that the new travel document fees were published in The Passport (Fees) Order, 2009, in Gazette No. 24, dated 23 November 2009.

This was followed by the Marriage (Amendment) Law, 2009 as published on 26 November, 2009 in Extraordinary Gazette No. 83. This stipulates a new fee for the Governor's Special Marriage Licence which is issued to visitors only.

Regarding the travel documents, new fees for the issue or renewal of a Cayman Islands passport will be $75 for a child aged under 16 years and $100 for an adult. The regular two- to three-week processing time remains.

However, PCS customers may choose to use the Express or Super Express passport services. Fees for these are in addition to passport application fees and cost $50 for Express Service (issue or renewal within two days to one week of application), or $100 for Super Express Service (issue or renewal in one business day or less).

Both services are available by appointment only and apply specifically to new or renewal of passports. They cannot be used in cases where a passport is stolen, lost or damaged.

Other revised schedule of fees, are as follows:

  • A United States Visa Waiver for Grand Cayman residents - $25

  • A United States Visa Waiver for residents of Cayman Brac or Little Cayman - $15

  • A United States Visa Waiver Express for all three islands (issued by appointment in one business day) - $50

  • Administrative services to British Overseas Territory citizens, or to British citizens, relating to applications for visitor's visas to the USA - $50

  • Call-out fee for emergency opening of the Passport Office - $75

In addition to these fees, new costs have been introduced for an Express Service which is separate and apart from that used for passport applications. Accordingly, whenever express service is required within one business day (and by appointment only) a charge of $75 is incurred and added to all the following fees:

  • Change of name in a passport - $50

  • Emergency passport for a British citizen - $100

  • Certificate of Identity - $75

  • Documents to travel to Jamaica - $75

  • Refugee travel documents - $40 (issue/renewal).

The following changes are associated with fees relating to the Governor's Special Marriage Licence: A non-refundable application fee of $50 is now required.

However, the use of a $10 postage stamp, which previously had to be affixed to every special marriage licence, has been discontinued.

The licence fee remains at $150, but if the application is refused the licence fee will be refunded in full. Total fees payable for the issue of a special marriage licence for visitors are therefore CI$200.


For further information contact: Lennon Christian