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New Principal for JGHS

Effective 4, January 2010, Mr. Aldin Bellinfantie will assume his role as John Gray High School's (JGHS) new principal. He has been seconded from the Ministry of Education in Jamaica for an 18-month period.

Mr. Bellinfantie was appointed following a rigorous recruitment process undertaken by the Department of Education Services (DES). He is a well-rounded educator with some thirty-one years of practical education experience.

Currently the Principal of Irwin High School in Montego Bay, Jamaica, he has also served as advisor to Jamaica's Ministry of Education; as a high school mathematics teacher; and in London as a lecturer of mathematics, statistics, finance and economics.

He has published education-related books, papers and manuals, including: A Principal's Tool Kit in participatory learning and Action Methods; Involving Parents and the Community in Schools - A training manual; A Guide to Educational/Business Partnership; and Supporting Partnerships in Children's Education - A Training Manual for Community Volunteers.

As John Gray High School Principal he will be responsible for the school's professional leadership and management.

"Mr. Bellinfantie's responsibilities will include promoting a culture of high expectations, and ensuring high-quality education for all students at the school," Chief Education Officer Shirley Wahler explained.

Commenting on the secondment, Ministry of Education Chief Officer Mary Rodrigues said, "I am pleased that the recuitment process has yielded someone of Mr. Bellinfante's calibre, and I am happy to welcome him to our education system. His experience in school improvement will be extremely valuable at this critical time for JGHS, and as we prepare for significant changes in the way we deliver secondary education in our government scholols."

"His efforts at John Gray will align with, and complement, the policies and work of the DES and Ministry. These include raising educational standards and improving the quality of teaching and learning within our education system," she added.


For further information contact: Kenisha Morgan