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Partnerships Hold the Key

Minister of Community Affairs and Housing, the Hon. Mike Adam, with members of the West Bay CODAC and the Community Video Ministry together with some of the seniors hosted at a dinner on 28 November.

Minister of Community Affairs and Housing the Hon. Mike Adam, MBE has said that successful community development needs solid partnerships between government and citizens.

The Minister was speaking at a special dinner honouring West Bay seniors on Saturday (28 November). It was hosted by the Community Video Ministry and the West Bay Community Development Action Committee (CODAC) at the district's Church of God Chapel.

"Government is committed to fulfilling our responsibility to revitalize communities but we also recognize that successful community development requires effort from all parties concerned.

"In our development strategy, we perceive citizens of all ages as being valuable and equal partners," Minister Adam noted.

Urging a return to the communal values that define traditional Cayman, he said "We have to return to basics and get to know our neighbours and their children." He encouraged the seniors to nurture relationships with peers outside of their own districts.

"This is important, for nurturing bonds of friendship among residents from further afield provides a foundation for the open-mindedness that encourages healthier communities," Mr. Adam said.

He also cited the need for meaningful relationships between youth and older persons as a way of bridging the generation gap. "These will ensure that older persons become more active in shaping the consciousness of our youth, guiding them onto positive paths," he said.

Congratulating the organisers, Minister Adam noted, "As government moves forward, CODACs, including the vibrant district council, will be asked to play even more crucial roles in promoting the stability of our communities and the prosperity of citizens."


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