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Teen-Focused TV

A positive look at a negative problem can be seen with the local showing of Young Guns on Monday, 7 December at 7:30pm on Island 24, and repeated on Cayman 27 on Tuesday, 8 December at 7:00p.m.

Young Guns is a half-hour show that tackles the sensitive issue of youth violence, as well as associated issues of drug abuse and gangs. The American-produced programme features three families, members of which will explain how they have suffered, or have been otherwise affected by youth violence.

This is the third in a series of television shows. The first two were entitled A Matter of Degree, and Against All Odds. They dealt with the importance of education, and the ability of young people to overcome major life obstacles and achieve success.

These programmes are key components of the 'Connect with Kids' information/education initiative, which is being led by Mr. Ricardo Forbes. He is the principal and founder of AMF Partners, which provides youth training and development.

A father and a businessman, Mr. Forbes said the overall objective of the initiative is "To raise awareness, to look at solutions and how we as a community can come together to see how we can resolve these serious issues facing our youths, parents and communities."

He noted that this project promises to be much more than a TV series; different topics are accompanied by education resource materials which are written for primary, middle and high school students.

Several subjects are covered in the series. For instance, there is an 18-part 'Character Building' DVD set, as well as a 24-part segment 'Health and Wellness.'

The TV shows are expected to continue through next February. To date, sponsors included the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment Serivces, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, Cayman Crimestoppers, and Don Foster's Dive. Past shows have also contained positive support messages from the sponsors.

Persons or companies interested in sponsoring future shows, or in the other educational materials, may contact Mr. Forbes at 926-2637or 916- 2411, or by email at


For further information contact: Lennon Christian