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Commissions Secretariat

Hon. Franz Manderson, MBE, Deputy Governor & Head of the Civil Service

The Chief Officer in the Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs, Mr. Franz Manderson, is pleased to announce that he has appointed Ms. Deborah Bodden to be the Manager of the Commissions Secretariat.

The purpose of the Commissions Secretariat is to provide administrative support to four new commissions created under the 2009 Constitution. These are the Constitutional Commission, the Human Rights Commission, the Commission for Standards in Public Life, and the Judicial and Legal Services Commission. Each Commission will require various forms of administrative assistance as well as a strong research capacity in order to fulfil its constitutional responsibilities.

The Manager leads a team that will include four Administrator/Analysts who will focus on providing the research and administrative support required by the four commissions. Established under the Deputy Governor's Office, the Commissions Secretariat will deploy a "joint services" approach to those it serves in order to minimise costs in the current fiscal climate.

The Acting Governor, the Hon. Donovan Ebanks, recently announced 13 appointments to the Constitutional Commission, the Human Rights Commission, and the Commission for Standards in Public Life. (See press release for Jan 13th, 2010). It is anticipated that appointments to the fourth commission - the Judicial and Legal Services Commission - will be made within the next two to three months.

"Ms. Bodden was selected from a strong field of candidates", noted Mr. Manderson. "Her current duties since 2007 have included serving as Secretary to the Parole Commissioners Board and Secretary to the Prisons Inspection Board. Both of these bodies have undergone significant changes during this period, and Ms. Bodden has carried out her responsibilities with exemplary skill. She will be able to draw from this administrative experience as she leads the Commissions Secretariat team in the support it provides to four brand new commissions.

"I am excited to be part of what is a new chapter for Cayman", commented Ms. Bodden. "I am looking forward to working with all four commissions and their chairpersons."

Mr. Manderson concluded: "I am delighted with this appointment, and I will be following with interest the ways in which the new commissions, with the support of the Commissions Secretariat, will contribute to the democratic strength and vigour of our nation".