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Dedicated Community Servant

Certificate and Badge of Honour recipient Sharon E. Roulstone

They can be tough, time consuming, frustrating and thankless jobs, but when you love your country and believe you can help, you never think that you should sit back and let someone else do it.

—Sharon Roulstone

Sharon E. Roulstone

Certificate & Badge of Honour

"Every citizen has a role to play. I can't complain about the system if I've done nothing to help improve it."

With these words as her mantra, Sharon E. Roulstone has dedicated much of her life to serving her community.

Committed foremost to raising her nine-year-old daughter Katherine, and to her career as an attorney, she spends her remaining time serving on statutory and private-sector boards and committees.

Her first appointment, to the Liquor Licensing Board, came while she was still a Cayman Islands Law School student. Known to be outspoken and not just a passive participant, it wasn't long before Sharon was also appointed to the Immigration Board, where she ultimately served as deputy-chair then chair over a six-year period.

Thereafter, she served on the Public Service Commission for six years. That service was interposed with appointments as chair and member, respectively, of the Cayman Islands National Insurance Company (CINICO) and National Pensions boards.

In 2005, Sharon was appointed by the Governor-in-Cabinet as the first chairperson of the Maritime Authority Board, a post she held until August 2009. Her appointment to the Civil Service Appeals Commission followed in 2007. During that period she was also appointed as chair of the Immigration Department's Work Permit Board, where she served until August 2009.

In addition, Sharon was appointed as a member of the Private Sector Consultative Committee; the Employment Law Review Team; several Vision 2008 review teams; and the Development Plan Review Committee for the Planning Department.

"They can be tough, time consuming, frustrating and thankless jobs," she said of her board and committee memberships. "But when you love your country and believe you can help, you never think that you should sit back and let someone else do it."

Sharon is a Notary Public and a partner in Turner & Roulstone, which she co-founded in 2003. She is also a director and shareholder in DHL International (Cayman) Ltd., and holds directorships in other private Cayman Islands companies. She is a member of the Caymanian Bar Association and a founding member and director of the Cayman Arts Festival.

Yet even with this hectic schedule, Sharon still manages to make time for local at-risk youth.

Her desire to help began when she took a group from the Place of Safety to see a Chinese circus, brought to Cayman by one of the service clubs. She now plans to commit her efforts to exploring ways in which she can continue to assist.

"There are so many kids in need here," she said. "Cayman is a tough environment for them to grow up in, whether they're privileged or not.

"I'll be happy if my efforts affect the life of just one youngster, although I want to keep as many of them as possible out of our prisons and in our communities as good, contributing members of society."

Daughter of Frank and Elizabeth Roulstone, and sister to Frank and Shirley, Sharon E. Roulstone is awarded the Cayman Islands Certificate and Badge of Honour for services to her community.

For further information contact: Wosila Rochester