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Registration Ceremony

Acting Deputy Governor Mr. Franz Manderson put new British citizens at ease before they took the pledge of loyalty. Next to him is the Deputy Governor's Office's Tristaca Ebanks.

Seventeen new British citizens took oaths or affirmations of allegiance and pledges of loyalty in a ceremony presided over by Chief Officer in the Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs, Mr. Franz Manderson, as Acting Deputy Governor on Thursday, 14 January.

Noting that a country's success depends on the quality of its citizens, Mr. Manderson told them their new standing comes with both rights and responsibilities. "You are ambassadors for Britain. What you do will reflect on Britain and all its territories," he said.

Corporate Manager in the Deputy Governor's Office Christine Wright explained that applications for British passports are now handled in Washington instead of Liverpool. She then briefly quizzed the attendees on their knowledge of Britain.

While asking the new citizens to contribute positively to the country, Deputy Governor's Office's Tristaca Ebanks also advised them on ways to keep their registration certificates safe.


For further information contact: Bina Mani