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Strategising at the Ministry Level

Ministry of Community Affairs and Housing officials with their heads of departments.

A highly coordinated, focused and efficient ministry that positively impacts society is the aim of a new strategic plan being formulated in the Ministry of Community Affairs and Housing.

On Wednesday (December 9) the Minister Hon. Mike Adam MBE, met with his ministry's agency directors and senior managers to discuss and finalise a strategic plan founded on a shared vision and mission.

Participants included senior ministry staff and heads from the Department of Children and Family Services; the Department of Counselling Services; the Children and Youth Services (CAYS) Foundation (the Frances Bodden and Bonaventure homes), and the National Housing Development Trust.

The Minister explained that one of his primary aims was to strengthen team work and collaboration while charting a way forward for the ministry and related agencies for 2010 and beyond.

"If we as a ministry are to serve the people of these Islands efficiently and effectively, we must strive to take a more holistic approach to service provision, based on the principles of collaboration and integration," he said.

Reminding his departmental heads that the ministry in all its agency functions was about people, he added: "Looking at our functions, everything we do is about building communities and empowering people to fulfil their potential. We have to sharpen our skills to achieve our objectives and function effectively."

As such, Minister Adam emphasized, each agency needed to have a common goal and vision.

"Today is all about laying the foundation for that framework; it is about exploring linkages between the agencies, about identifying common issues and goals, and about discussing ways to collaborate to achieve those goals," he said.

Mr. Adam also cited critical targets for the ministry: Overcoming the national fiscal deficit to address poverty reduction; improving parenting skills; stemming negative societal trends such as drug abuse, and streamlining services to assist children in need of care and protection, while addressing youngsters' behavioural issues. Another key area for attention was housing.

As part of the one-day exercise, the team worked at developing a mission, vision and objective for the entire ministry as well as key targets and priorities for each agency.


For further information contact: Prudence Barnes