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West Bay Fetes the Taylors

John Cumber Primary students welcomed the Taylors.

His Excellency Governor Duncan Taylor, CBE, chatted with a special centenarian, as well as retirees, students and scores of other residents during last week's visit to West Bay.

Mrs. Marie-Beatrice Taylor accompanied the Governor and the couple was escorted by the district's elected officials: Premier McKeeva Bush, OBE, JP; Minister Rolston Anglin, and MLAs Capt Eugene Ebanks and Cline Glidden.

Mrs. Julia Hydes, who celebrated her 101st birthday last week, was the first West Bay resident to be visited. The Taylors congratulated her and had a lively discussion on topics such as longevity and the traditional music for which Mrs. Hydes is widely known.

Retired schoolteacher and role model, Mrs. Iris Bodden-Henning, also received a call. The 91-year-old, who was Premier Bush's and Capt. Ebanks' first teacher, shared memories of early Cayman with the First Couple.

Pleasantries were exchanged during a visit with the family of Mr. Carley Ebanks and his wife Veta. A World War II veteran and long-time seaman, Mr. Ebanks spoke of his maritime experiences, while his wife described the challenges involved back then, in keeping home and family going during his absences.

The Taylors went on to attend a welcome reception at Boatswain's Beach where they were greeted by numerous students, young members of uniformed groups and other residents. The couple also viewed cultural exhibits during the reception.


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