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Curbing Crime

Discussing the Forde Criminality Study.

This week on GIS Spotlight we explore a new crime prevention initiative; we attend Cayman's first regional academic conference, and we go behind the scenes with Hazard Management Cayman Islands (HMCI) for an official earthquake drill.

In the face of increasing local crime levels, some 85 representatives from government, the private sector, civic organisations and churches recently met to discuss short, medium and long-term crime prevention strategies based on the Yolande Forde Study on Pre-disposing Factors to Criminality in the Cayman Islands.

Find out what was considered, and how this retreat will form the basis for a pro-active, community-based crime prevention scheme.

Stay with us to look in on the Caribbean Literature, Culture and Identity Conference at the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) and explore how academics can improve lives.

Listen as UCCI President Roy Bodden explains why his institution hosted this academic conference for the first time and why he feels that creating a regional body of knowledge is important for the future.

We also talk to keynote speaker Brian Meeks on how everyone can benefit from academics; he believes that research is imperative if we are to learn from our mistakes, rather than repeat them.

Then, with the devastating earthquakes in Haiti and Chile still fresh in everyone's minds, HMCI decided to test local readiness with an unannounced emergency exercise at the Government Administration Building.

See first-hand what you need to do to stay safe and note HMCI's tips on making your home or office safer, should an earthquake strike.

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