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Curve Winner Named

Winner Monique Cullen with her new Curve (Photo by Lisa Parks)

Monique Cullen beat out many others to win a Blackberry Curve from GIS Marketing and Communications.

The prize, donated by LIME, was offered at GIS's booth at the Chamber of Commerce Career, Education, Training and Jobs Expo. Young people and job seekers were encouraged to use GIS Marketing and Communications as an information source. To win, they had to visit and leave a comment on the unit's website,; they had to sign up for GIS twitter feeds and become a GIS Facebook fan.

Monique's winning comment read: "This website gives beneficial information about GIS. This allows young adults like me to consider even working at the GIS institution. It involves the youth of the Cayman Islands, which is exactly what our youth's need today. The website is well organized and well put together.

"It is also a good source of information as to know what exactly is happening in our Islands from sports, health, youth, government, career opportunities, to schools. This entire site is awesome, and I think GIS should continue doing what they do best and that's serving our Islands (country) with valuable information which helps and inform."

Comments from Alanis Linwood-Amor and Letisha Allen earned honourable mentions.

Alanis wrote: "The best thing I like about this website is that it tells us young people and everyone else, the recent news here in Cayman, etc. I think it's important for us to know this, because some of us don't have the time to buy a newspaper or watch the news on TV, so I say this website is very helpful for everyone in Cayman."

Letisha commented: "The fact that the information posted is continuously updated is essential to readers who don't usually use other sources as a form of educating themselves about what's going on in the Cayman Islands. Also, it's wonderful that young adults have an opportunity of being heard & seen. Fabulous work done at the expo guys!"

GIS Marketing and Communications supports youth education and development and uses opportunities like the Expo to encourage young people to consider careers in communications fields.


For further information contact: Cornelia Oliver