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Linking Athletics to Success

It was an exhausting run but many of the school's students, parents, staff and alumni ran several legs of the CARIFTA Flag Relay.

Some former CARIFTA and Island Games medallists, who got their start at John A. Cumber Primary School, called on their alma mater's track and field team prior to last weekend's CARIFTA Games.

Taking advantage of the excitement surrounding the event, Vanda Powery, Antonette Vernon-Hamilton, Herfa Ebanks-Henry, Tabitha Parchment-Crowley and Jenna Gaio shared their stories of sacrifice, perseverance and success with some 30 students.

"The visit went exceptionally well," participant and organiser Vanda Powery commented. "The kids were engaged and had lots of questions for us. It was inspiring for them to hear how sports can positively affect their futures.

"I hope that we've given them some real examples of the benefits they can gain from involvement in athletics."

The former students shared highlights of their sporting careers, stressing the discipline, teamwork and time management skills they acquired - skills they had successfully transferred to their professional and private lives.

They also spoke about the educational opportunities associated with athletics, since their talents on the track had won them scholarships at tertiary institutions.

Prior to the school visit, several of the ladies joined John A. Cumber students, their parents and teachers, to participate in the CARIFTA Flag relay.

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