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Training for Families

The Family Resource Centre (FRC) just finished the first series of the Family Skills Training Programme. This 8-week programme focuses on developing the skills necessary to run a better functioning family unit, such as communication, discipline, home management, self-esteem, and goal-setting.

Six families that are part of the CAYS Foundation participated in the first series. The families met once a week for an interactive workshop with games, information and group work that focused on creating healthier interaction and improving as a family.

One of the highlights was the opportunity to sit down as a family and share a weekly dinner. The FRC is grateful to Dolce Vita Restaurant for sponsoring a week's meal and the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman for donating the end-of-session celebratory dinner. The Ritz-Carlton has become a programme partner and will be sponsoring each session's closing meal.

The programme motivated families' punctuality and participation by having them compete on a point system. At the Celebratory Meal, families picked celebration packs that were sponsored by community businesses. The family with the most points got first pick.

The prizes included: Ritz Periwinkle Restaurant dinner certificate, Boatswain's Beach passes, Cayman Karting passes, Hollywood Movie Theatre passes, Red Sail Catamaran cruise, A.L. Thompson's gift certificates, Mini Golf passes, and Books & Books certificates.

FRC is grateful to all the community sponsors that enhance the programme and help make it a success. Boatswain's Beach, Decker's Mini Golf, Red Sail, the Ritz, Books & Books and Hollywood Movie Theatres have become programme partners and will contribute to the celebratory packs at every session.

The second Family Skills Training Programme begins on 29 April 2010 and will also be composed of CAYS Foundation families. However, on 24 June the third session, which is open to the public, starts.

If your family is interested in participating or if your business would like to become a corporate sponsor, please contact the Family Resource Centre at 949-0006.