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Board Games Night Scores!

Parents and children had fun during the Family Board-Games Night, held at Hobbies and Books at Grand Harbour on 13 May.

Rising above the noise of slapping dominos, the joyful leaping of "Funny Frog Games," and the rolling of dice all around, were the sounds of children's laughter ringing throughout Hobbies and Books.

The children and their parents had come to the bookstore in Grand Harbour for Family Board-Games Night - and they were having a great time.

Nineteen families participated in the 13 May event, planned by the Child Month Committee and the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). Committee Chairperson Cassandra Parchment called the night "a tremendous success," adding that more families turned out than anticipated.

She noted that the evening helped to fulfil one of the key objectives of this year's Child Month observance.

"This year's theme is Loving Our Children through Today's Challenges," Miss Parchment explained. "The evening therefore was designed as a time for family togetherness, as spending time with our children is a great way to love them through the challenges."

During the games, some parents were as engrossed as their children; they too were sitting on the floor rolling dice, and doing their game manoeuvres.

After the fun and games, each family member was treated to a slice of pizza and a drink. DCFS and Hobbies and Books staff gave prizes to all the families who participated.

Karina McDermot, who brought her three children to the event, noted: "It was a great evening for children to have fun, learn, and share quality time with parents and their siblings. It was really fun for the kids; they should have it more often."

Her views were shared by her 11-year-old son, Andreas: "It's really been great; we got to learn some new games."

Nine-year-old Rochee Williams declared: "I came with my cousins; it was great fun; we were here last year and we will be back next year!"

Hobbies and Books owner Mary Adam was pleased with the evening's success.

"The theme of Child Month is very relevant right now, as no matter what the challenges, we must love our children and spend time with them. We were happy that we could be a part of this event for another year," she said.


For further information contact: Prudence Barnes