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Musical Interlude

Mr. Armond interacting with student musicians.

Inspiration was at the heart of a recent workshop involving George Hicks and John Gray high school student musicians, and Chalice band leader and guitarist Wayne Armond.

Brought to the Cayman Islands to headline a concert on 21 May, Mr. Armond also agreed to do the workshop arranged by the Cayman Music and Entertainment Association.

Even though years 9 through 11 students were busy taking and preparing for their exams, they were more than eager to take a break and pick his brain about all things musical.

Foremost on their minds was advice on how to start and successfully maintain a band. He told them the key ingredients were respect, discipline, friendship and chemistry, but these must be underpinned by a solid educational foundation. This he said they'd need to manage the business side of their music careers.

Their teachers however soon redirected the discussion to the main purpose for the workshop - composing.

Since each of the students must compose a music piece for their final music exams, organisers thought Mr. Armond, who has composed many of his band's top selling tracks, could offer some advice.

He urged the students to find their musical niche and to be themselves when arranging their original pieces.

Taking them on a journey through Caribbean musical history, he told them of reggae music's evolution from its earliest forms, ska and rock-steady. He encouraged them noting that, even though it is a small region, the Caribbean has introduced the most recent musical instrument and genre to the world through the steel pan and reggae.

Wayne Armond has been a member of the international reggae band Chalice since its inception in the early 1980s. Since then Chalice has had numerous hit singles including Still Love You, Good to Be There, I'm Trying and Dangerous Disturbances.

The group has also won peer accolades including the Jamaica Music Industry's JAMI Award. While here they received the Cayman Music and Entertainment Association's Regional Recognition Award, which is presented to Caribbean musicians and bands who have inspired local artists and influenced the Caribbean sound.


For further information contact: Kenisha Morgan