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Acclimatising Cayman

Are more and bigger storms climate change's fault?

On this week's show GIS Spotlight explores climate change: What it really means, what it has to do with the weather, and how it impacts our environment.

Our first stop is the Department of Environment (DOE) where we pin down some details about climate change, such as the differences between global warming and climate change and what the future holds.

We then ask DOE Director Gina Ebanks-Petrie for some tips on reducing our carbon footprint, and we find out where Cayman stands with a national climate change policy.

Next, we pay local weather guru Dr. Fred Sambula a visit. Hear him explain the delicate nature of our climate system and find out what a hurricane needs to pack a punch.

Out on the North Sound, we meet up with DOE staff where they explain how climate change threatens our coral while helping some invasive species. Also, we discuss the challenges sea turtles face as beaches erode and temperatures go up.

Finally, we take you inside the DOE lab for an interesting experiment. Tune in to see the results!

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