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A Lesson in Etiquette

Learning the proper way to use a knife and fork.

Eighty-two John A. Cumber Primary School students learned the basic rules of polite behaviour during a recent etiquette workshop.

"We wanted to ensure that our senior students are aware of appropriate social behaviours," School Counsellor Elysia Murray explained. "This is a great time to expose them to these skills since we believe they'll continue to refine them as they move to and through high school.

"We've already seen the benefits and are hoping to repeat next year," she continued.

Facilitated by Chief Protocol Officer Virginia Madison, the workshop covered basic dining and toasting skills, how to offer a proper handshake and how to dress for different social occasions.

During the final workshop session, the students participated in activities designed to enhance cultural awareness and to convey the significance of the national flag and symbols.

"I was happy to do the workshop," Mrs. Madison said. "Too often we take these skills for granted until we do something incorrectly that leads to embarrassment."

Year 5 student Deajon said he enjoyed the workshop and plans to use his new skills at his brother's birthday party.

His classmate Venice said she had learned many new things and was eager to show them off during her next trip overseas.


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