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Athletes Praised

Minister for Youth and Sports the Hon. Mark Scotland was joined by athletes in the Legislative Assembly today as he paid tribute to them in a statement to the house.

Members of the Legislative Assembly (LA) stood and applauded Cayman's young athletes today (Monday, 28 June 2010).

This recognition followed a statement by the Minister for Youth and Sports the Hon. Mark Scotland on the country's recent sport achievements.

Stating that 2010 is turning out to be a great sporting year for the Cayman Islands, the Minister told the LA that he is sharing the accomplishments with other lawmakers because "at a time when our youth feel increasingly marginalized, it is vital that we highlight and celebrate their achievements."

He reiterated the importance of the Sports Ministry's continued support for sports projects, programmes and events "that build up and support our youth".

"We must persist in developing the vast pool of talent we have on these small islands and we must provide creative and active outlets for our youth's energy. If we continue to support their development, we will allow them to dream, achieve and inspire as they grow to take their places as responsible and productive adults," the Minister said.


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