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George Town MLA, Mr. Ellio Solomon

George Town MLA, Mr. Ellio Solomon today announced an initiative to streamline government business, boosting the use of information technology to re-engineer official transactions with the public.

Mr. Solomon said the move would help cut expenditure, boost efficiency, improve customer service and foster interactions between government departments and members of the community conducting business with Government.

The new "E-Government Board" which has been appointed by Cabinet will both recommend and oversee the increasing application of technology to restructure and re-engineer business processes, he said.

"The 'E' is no longer simply for 'electronic', but is equally about our pursuit for perfection, seeking to 'evolve' the way we do business", Mr. Solomon, Chairman of the new board, said.

"I believe that the economic challenges that we now face as a country must be used to encourage a change in the way we do business and to take our position as leaders in the region."

The three-member board comprises Mr. Solomon; Cabinet Secretary Orrett Connor; and Chief Officer in the Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs Franz Manderson. This group will oversee a series of small review teams, including private-sector leaders and businessmen, who will help identify out-of-date official business processes, augmenting public consultations to recommend to the board how best to develop a long-term "E-government" strategy.

Mr. Solomon said continuous engagement with all stakeholders -- including departments, customers, and the private sector -- was key to the success of the project.

The new board is "committed to seeking the views of everyone involved, and will therefore provide the public with comprehensive and timely information which will allow the public to provide feedback to the Board. Accordingly, the public can expect frequent updates on our activities," he said.