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Shipping In

Next week's visit of HMS Manchester to Grand Cayman will feature a diverse and event-filled agenda, ranging from hurricane planning to sporting activities.

Much more than a courtesy or rest-and-recreation call, this visit will involve strengthening relationships with Cayman Islands government agencies, particularly with regard to planning for joint hurricane disaster relief operations. The crew will also participate in next week's Sister Islands hurricane exercise.

Other events scheduled during the ship's call include a courtesy visit to Deputy Governor Donovan Ebanks, a visit with Health Services Authority officials, a press briefing and an evening reception onboard the ship.

Local students and cadets will also tour the ship. Other activities will include a reception at Government House as well as football, cricket and rugby matches against local teams.

This vessel is part of the Royal Navy's Fifth Destroyer Squadron. It has 26 officers and 216 crew, serving under Commander Rex J. Cox.


For further information contact: Lennon Christian