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Tree Booster

The Department of Environment (DOE) is looking for volunteers to join Cayman's effort in the global Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign this World Environment Day (Saturday, 5 June).

The plan is to plant 64 native trees on Grand Cayman to boost the island's embattled native flora.

"As unfortunate as it is, our local plant species have no legal protection and are increasingly under pressure from development and invasive exotic species. As a result, many of our endemic and native plants and trees are either threatened or endangered. We hope that this native tree planting project will raise awareness of the need to protect our native flora and help to enhance the Islands' biodiversity," said DOE Director Gina Ebanks-Petrie.

Saturday's tree planting will start at 8 a.m. at the following locations: The Al Al Park in West Bay, Success Circle Park off Crewe Road on Palm Dale Dr., Washington Blvd (Swamp) Park in George Town, Harry McCoy Park in Bodden Town, Cumber Park in Bodden Town, and the Rugby-Football Club in South Sound.

The department needs volunteers to help at Al Al Park, Success Circle Park, Harry McCoy Park and Cumber Park. They should bring sun block, hats, gloves and shovels if they can.

On behalf of her department Mrs. Ebanks-Petrie thanked project partners --Recreation Parks & Cemeteries Unit, The National Trust and Rotary Sunrise - as well as sponsors - the Queen Elizabeth Botanic Park, East End Gardens & Gifts, Car City, Maples and Calder, Fosters Food Fair IGA and Hurley's Supermarket.

On Cayman Brac, the Ecotourism Unit will lead a beautification project for Salt Water Pond Trail. Volunteers are needed to help clear the trail and should bring machetes, sun block, hats, water and bug repellent and wear long pants. Contact Chevala Burke at (345) 244-4420 or Chevala for more details.

The Importance of World Environment Day: World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June each year. It is one of the biggest, most widely celebrated global days for positive environmental action.

This day is used to stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment and to encourage political attention and local action by giving a human face to environment issues. The ultimate aim is to enable people to realize not only their responsibility but also their power to become agents for change in support of sustainable and equitable development.

As 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity, this year's World Environment Day's focuses on preserving global biodiversity reflected by the theme Many Species, One Planet, One Future.

Source: Department of Environment

For further information contact: Cornelia Oliver