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Virtual Gazettes

The new website of the Cayman Islands Gazette is user-friendly.

GIS Marketing and Communications (GIS) has launched a Cayman Islands Gazette website that simplifies access to this official government publication.

"We are pleased to announce that phase one of the new user-friendly is now complete. With this, we believe we have taken a giant step forward and trust that the public will find the site practical and accessible," said GIS Chief Information Officer Angela Piercy.

"On a professional level, I am certainly proud of this project because through dedicated teamwork we have broken new ground. Moreover, we have managed to complete the project ahead of schedule," she said.

The site was designed using open-source software, which kept costs down. A helpful search function allows users to enter a key word or phrase such as 'land notice' to find related Gazette material.

"Together with other useful features, the search function will make the website experience less daunting and will improve access to important information such as new laws and bills," explained Mrs. Piercy.

She specifically thanked Graphic and Web Designer Garth Humphreys who led the development, as well GIS Executive Officer Donnalee Walton and Information Officer Cornelia Olivier for their contributions to the project.

And while the launch represents the completion of the first phase, there are still more improvements to come. "All things considered, we expect the total redesign to be on board within the next 15 months," the Chief Information Officer concluded.

Accessing Gazettes Online:

When accessing Gazettes online, remember:

  • The website has only recently been transferred to a new server and will therefore take some time before all computers can access We recommend that you access the site without the 'www' and instead type
  • The website requires that you have the latest version of Flash Player
  • The site is best viewed with the latest version of one of the following browsers:

  1. Mozilla Firefox (
  2. Microsoft Explorer (
  3. Google Chrome (
  4. Apple Safari (

(Please note that the new website does not support Microsoft Explorer 6 (IE6)).

For further information contact: Cornelia Oliver