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Vying for Nutritional Gold

Eight families on Saturday (29 May) combed the Foster's Food Fair(Airport) aisles for nutritional gold -a balanced meal at a good price.

The families were participating in the Child Month Nutritional Scavenger Hunt, organised by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and held in conjunction with Foster's Food Fair IGA and the Health Services Authority (HSA).

HSA Dietician/Nutritionist Bethany Smith said that the families were all given a menu with a balanced diet and a corresponding shopping list for a family of four for a week. Then they were asked to shop for the items. The family that selected all the items at the least cost was declared the winner.

"The goal was to educate on what a balanced diet looked like for a family of four, and also to teach them to use cost-effective shopping strategies," she said.

At the end of the shopping expedition, Veronique Bise and her daughter Elizabeth and friend Emily were declared the winners after shopping for the items and racking up a bill of only $142.00.

Second place went to Tresa Emanuel and her family and third place went to Monica and Yavian Powery and family.

The winning family was presented with a $100 gift certificate courtesy of Foster's. All teams were given Subway lunch vouchers.

Merchandising Manager James Waters said that Foster's Food Fair, IGA was pleased to host the event for the second year running, and happy with the turn out.

"We at Foster's want our customers to learn that they can eat healthy on a fixed budget; I think the participants have shown that they understand that concept," Mr. Waters said.

Winner Veronique Bise noted: "This is definitely something I would recommend to all families to do as an educational tool and a fun moment to spend quality time with your children."

Giving some of her own tips to other shoppers, Mrs. Bise said: "Look out for sales fliers published in the papers each week; the products in fancy packaging are usually more expensive, and check out the bottom shelves as they usually have less expensive items."

Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) Disaster Services Co-ordinator and Child Month Committee representative Lynda Mitchell said that the event was organized as part of the effort to show families how to care for their children in challenging economic times. This was in keeping with the theme of Child Month - Loving Our Children through Today's Challenges, she explained.

For further information contact: Prudence Barnes