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Youthful Excellence

Bonaventure Boys Home resident Antonio Kelly (right) collects the CAYS Foundation Outstanding Academic Achievement Award from Frances Bodden Girls Home Residential Care Worker Annialee Knight-Taylor.

"Be the difference you want to make in the world" was keynote speaker Jean Solomon's message at the recent Children and Youth Services (CAYS) Foundation fourth annual academic and incentive awards ceremony.

Addressing the theme Youth Unleashed - Journeying to Success, she advised students, "Your destiny depends on you - start journeying."

CAYS Foundation Outstanding Achiever in the Incentive Programme Shamika Levy (right) with presenter Janet Ham.

In turn, Minister of Community Affairs and Housing, the Hon. Michael Adam, MBE, JP, noted, "Too often we are guilty in our society of only paying attention to young people when they make mistakes or underachieve.

"While it is important to know who is doing wrong in order to provide the help to change behaviour, it is equally important to acknowledge and reward those who excel in what they do."

Frances Bodden Girls Home (FBGH) resident Samantha Saint-Vil (right) collects the CAYS Foundation Peer Leadership Award. Presenting is FBGH Care Worker Annialee Knight-Taylor. Standing in the background is FBGH Residential Care Worker Maureen Jervis-Brooks.

He urged the awardees to be diligent, to stay focused on their goals and to be disciplined in their approach.

Other awards presentation highlights were performances by Dance Unlimited, drumming-instrumental pieces and a sign language dramatisation of Celine Dion's Because You Loved Me by Frances Bodden residents.

Outstanding Greenhouse Participant Teriejoe Barrows collects his award from CAYS Foundation Family Support Worker Janet Ham.

Also attending the event were Speaker of the Legislative Assembly the Hon. Mary Lawrence, JP; Ministry Chief Officer Dorine Whittaker; Department of Children and Family Services Director Deanna Look-Loy and Deputy Director Alicia (Jen) Dixon, CAYS Foundation Board Chairman Ormond Williams and Chief Executive Officer Angela Sealy.


Academic and Incentive Award Recipients

Academic Awards

  1. CAYS Foundation Outstanding Academic Achievement 2010: Antonio Kelly (male) and Claudia Smith (female)
  2. Most Outstanding Resident in the Apprenticeship Programme 2010: Teriejoe Barrows (male)
  3. CAYS Foundation Extra-Curricular/ Club Activity Award: Kizzie Codlyn (female)
  4. CAYS Foundation Reading Award 2010: Alexander Smiley (male) and Shamika Levy (female)
  5. Most Disciplined Resident: Samantha Saint-Vil
  6. Most Improved Academically: Alexander Smiley (male) and Briana Whittaker (female)
  7. Most Improved Reader: Antonio Kelly, Dalton Robinson and Teriejoe Barrows (male); and Yoana Rodriguez and Samantha Saint-Vil (female)

Incentive Awards

  1. CAYS Foundation Outstanding Achiever in the Incentive Programme 2010: Antonio Kelly (male) and Shamika Levy (female)
  2. CAYS Foundation Peer Leadership Award 2010: Teriejoe Barrows (male) and Samantha Saint-Vil (female)
  3. Anger Management Award: Dalton Robinson (male) and Briana Whittaker (female)
  4. Award for Obedience: Dalton Robinson (male) and Samantha Saint-Vil (female)
  5. Award for Respect: Teriejoe Barrows (male) and Samantha Saint-Vil (female)
  6. Outstanding Greenhouse Participation 2010: Teriejoe Barrows (male) and Kizzie Codlyn (female)

Source: Children and Youth Services (CAYS) Foundation)

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