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Press Releases: July 2010

A Very Special Hello
During a UK trip, Girl Guides have afternoon tea with the wives of former governors. 30th July 2010, 5:27pm
Crime Seminar
Tourism-sector representatives and the police's top brass discuss combating the crime spike. 30th July 2010, 5:18pm
Lifesaving Response
This week's GIS Spotlight: Behind the scenes at Operation Heron, becoming a CPA and an empowering summer. 29th July 2010, 4:44pm
Sprinting Away
Cayman's track queen Cydonie Mothersill is enjoying a successful summer on the track. 29th July 2010, 3:14pm
Ruling on Justice Levers
The Privy Council has advised Her Majesty to remove Justice Levers from office. 29th July 2010, 2:47pm
Obesity: It's a Family Affair
Don't miss The Biggest Generation on local cable channels as it highlights how small, but vital adjustments can improve children's health. 29th July 2010, 2:36pm
Law School Graduation
The Law School graduation takes place this Friday at the Harquail Theatre. 29th July 2010, 2:20pm
Minister Encourages Sport
"Sports are good for you," Minister Scotland said on a visit to a youth basketball camp. 28th July 2010, 3:29pm
Emergency Exercise Over
CIAA's emergency excercise involving a mock aircraft accident is stood down. 27th July 2010, 10:27pm
Emergency Exercise Starts
All emergency responders are currently involved in the mock exercise. 27th July 2010, 8:08pm
Cayman Shines at CAC
Cayman's athletes have scooped six medals so far - the most ever for a Cayman team. 27th July 2010, 4:06pm
Window of Opportunity Closing
Illegals should take advantage of the immigration amnesty. 26th July 2010, 6:21pm
Doppler Radar Signing
Weather early-warning system being introduced to Cayman Islands 23rd July 2010, 3:04pm
Prep Travel Documents
As a pre-caution during hurricane season, foreign nationals in Cayman should prepare now for emergency travel. 23rd July 2010, 10:49am
Extended NCL Discussions
Environment Minister Mark Scotland calls for more input "to crystallise and protect our country's environmental goals". 23rd July 2010, 10:11am
Inside Art
Next week's GIS Spotlight: Going behind the art scene, making a splash with summer reading and knowing your health insurance status. 23rd July 2010, 9:58am
Immigration Hours Altered
Temporary change to Immigration hours facilitates staff function. 22nd July 2010, 5:35pm
No Brac Fuel Duty
The Brac is exempt from the latest fuel duty increase. 22nd July 2010, 5:30pm
Look Out for Measles
Public Health issued a health advisory to residents returning from South Africa following an outbreak of the measles in that country. 22nd July 2010, 5:00pm
Keeping Dengue in Check
Although no recent dengue cases have been reported, Public Health is keeping a close eye on the regional outbreak. 20th July 2010, 6:00pm
Facelift for Brac Roads
Things are looking up for the Cayman Brac road network. 20th July 2010, 12:19pm
A Sporting Break
With support from the Ministry of Sports, Cayman's kids will be able to attend island-wide and free sports camps this summer. 20th July 2010, 11:37am
Labour Law Basics
Have questions about the Labour Law (2007 Revision)? A DER course offers help for employers. 19th July 2010, 5:56pm
CIAA Emergency Exercise
Officials warn of traffic congestion due to an emergency exercise. 16th July 2010, 4:07pm
Wise Words for Summer Interns
The Ministry of District Administration gives college students work experience. 15th July 2010, 4:02pm
Spotlighting Mosquito Wars
Next week: Fighting mosquitoes and delving into your past. 15th July 2010, 3:14pm
Brackers Work the Constitution
Constitution Week takes in the Sister Islands. 15th July 2010, 1:39pm
HRC Goes Virtual
Cayman's Human Rights Commission is now on line. 15th July 2010, 1:18pm
At the CIDB Apex
CIDB President and General Manager Tracy Ebanks has a firm grasp on the reins. 13th July 2010, 3:32pm
A Sporting Chance
Summer sports camps are slated for Cayman Brac during August and September. 9th July 2010, 12:18pm
Taking Immigration to the Top
On GIS Spotlight: A take on Immigration's training goals, getting serious about playing sports and compiling the latest Student Drug Survey reports. 8th July 2010, 6:15pm
Make A Splash - Read!
The 2010 Public Library Summer Reading Programme starts 19 July. 8th July 2010, 6:09pm
Affordable Housing Office Moved
Sister Islands residents can now find the office at Avistar Building III 8th July 2010, 6:02pm
Constitution Celebration Messages
HE the Governor, the Premier and Leader of the Opposition reflect on the significance of the holiday. 7th July 2010, 5:34pm
Promoting Safe Pesticide Use
Raising the bar in handling pesticides. 7th July 2010, 4:51pm
Check Your WIZ License
Wildlife Interaction Zone licenses that expire this August should be renewed now. 7th July 2010, 4:44pm
Pension and Labour Services
Both the employment department and pensions office continue to function. 6th July 2010, 5:18pm
Filling the Gap
Corporations partner with UCCI to upgrade local skills for the hospitality and insurance industries. 6th July 2010, 12:26pm
Breaking New Ground
UCCI's education programme adds 11 qualified teachers and aides to the profession this week. 6th July 2010, 12:00pm
Cuban Officials Visit Cayman
The Premier welcomed the Cuban Ambassador for a brief meeting. 2nd July 2010, 6:49pm
Key Constitutional Appointment
Leading professional Dan Scott is the new Judicial and Legal Services Commission Chairman. 2nd July 2010, 6:22pm
Constitution Week
The Governor introduced commission members at an event he hosted to launch the week. 2nd July 2010, 6:01pm
Biometric Clinic for Cayman
UK Border Agency improves service to Caribbean customers. 2nd July 2010, 5:44pm
Announcing 2011 Holidays
Except for the Queen's Birthday, all public holidays for next year are now confirmed. 1st July 2010, 4:17pm
Student Athletes Merit Bikes
Five community members help John A. Cumber reward eight outstanding athletes. 1st July 2010, 12:58pm
Honduras Explored
GIS Spotlight takes advantage of Cayman Airways' latest direct flight and experiences the sights and sounds of Honduras. 1st July 2010, 10:56am