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Check Your WIZ License

The Marine Conservation Board reminds holders of Wildlife Interaction Zones (WIZ) licenses which expire next month (August 2010) to submit renewal application as soon as possible.

In addition to the application processing fee, applicants are required to provide proof of a valid Trade & Business License and Port Authority Registration for each vessel. The renewal application fee for vessels of 50 ft. or less in length is CI$50.00, and CI$100.00 for larger vessels.

New applications are CI$100.00 and CI$200.00 respectively. The license fee for vessels of 50 ft. or less in length is CI$300.00, and CI$600.00 for larger vessels.

The Marine Conservation (Marine Parks)(Amendment) Regulations, 2007, Part III Section 9 requires that ALL 'tourist boats' (i.e. any marine vessel of any size or design used to carry paying passengers for sightseeing, wildlife interaction or other tourist activities), must be licensed by the Board to enter any WIZ. As such, all vessels, including personal watercraft such as Sea-Doos, jet-ski's, inflatables, and other similar vessels for hire wishing to use any WIZ, must be so licensed by the Board.

Inquiries regarding applications may be made by calling 949-8469, or visiting the office of the Department of Environment at No. 580 North Sound Rd., George Town.