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Minister Encourages Sport

Campers hone their skills at the Department of Sports annual basketball summer camp.

Promoting his vision to get all children active, Minister of Youth and Sport the Hon. Mark Scotland met with young basketball players at the Department of Sports annual basketball summer camp.

Minister Scotland told students that sport is a positive force that can benefit them throughout life: "Apart from keeping you healthy in body and mind, sports also presents you with many opportunities. If you set your heart on it and train hard, you can one day reach a national team or even get a scholarship."

He also praised the children for getting involved in a wholesome activity, instead of being idle: "Engaging in healthy activities certainly keep you out of trouble," he told his captive audience.

The basketball camp is part of a larger summer camp programme supported by the Ministry to give parents a choice of "free, healthy and wholesome activities" in which to enrol their kids during the summer, the Minister explained.

Every year the Ministry and Department of Sports work with non-governmental organizations and local businesses to ensure that the majority of camps can be offered free of cost.

"We believe this endeavour will bear fruit on many levels: Our young talent will be able to develop their sporting and life skills, and it will also encourage children to put their vacation to good use," Mr. Scotland said.


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