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Ruling on Justice Levers

The Privy Council has advised Her Majesty to remove Justice Levers from office.

In April 2008 certain complaints of misbehaviour relating to Madam Justice Levers, Judge of the Grand Court, were brought to the attention of the then Governor of the Cayman Islands His Excellency Stuart Jack, CVO,.

Having considered the complaints, the Governor appointed a tribunal on 25 September, 2008, to inquire into the complaints. On 12 August, 2009, the Tribunal advised the Governor to request that the question of the removal of Madam Justice Levers be referred by Her Majesty to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

Today, the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council has tendered its advice to Her Majesty, the concluding part of which states:

"The Board is satisfied that by her misconduct Levers J showed that she was not fit to continue to serve as a Judge of the Grand Court and humbly advises Her Majesty that she should be removed from that office on the ground of her misbehaviour."

The Governor, His Excellency Duncan Taylor, CBE, will be making an announcement in relation to this matter shortly.