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New Course Options

In conjunction with a number of other new developments in the academic offerings of UCCI, the university has announced a course auditing arrangement for persons interested in boosting and enriching personal and academic development.

Grades and credits are not given for audited courses, and acceptance of persons into this arrangement is dependent on space availability and the approval of the Department Chair. Registration for auditing of courses is now in progress at UCCI, where classes begin on Monday (30 August).

Also announced is a minor in sociology and political science, and the phased introduction of a minor in English. That introduction begins this semester with the addition of a new humanities course, "African American Literature".

The courses offered in these new minors will be of particular interest to students pursuing a bachelor's degree in Education, now also offered at UCCI.

Similarly, on the drawing board is a combined minor in Spanish and English, to be introduced later.

The new course that will ultimately contribute to a minor in English introduces students to some of the major issues of African American Literature, seen across genres and historical periods. It analyzes the nature and impact of the African-American "voice", in terms of race, values, identity quests, and the roles and contributions of African American writers, within the larger body of American writing and culture. This course is to be taught by UCCI professor Dr. Paula Grace Anderson.

Other new humanities courses being introduced are "Introduction to Caribbean Dance and Culture," and "Introduction to Drawing."

The Caribbean Dance and Culture course is to be taught by adjunct professor, Dr. Monika Lawrence, of the University of Technology, Jamaica. Participants will explore the role of traditional Caribbean dance forms, with particular reference to religious dances, their meanings and purposes, and their relationships to other forms and to contemporary society, particularly in Cayman.

The art course is the first of two introductory-level drawing courses offered by UCCI. The course will expose students to the art of line-drawing and then will go on to perspective and the formal rules of proportion of both the human figure and head, among other techniques.

For further information on humanities courses, go to or contact Drs. Jennifer Williams or Livingston Smith. For arrangements on auditing courses, interested persons may contact Registrar John Frederick at John Frederick or by calling 623-0520.