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Press Releases: October 2010

Eyes in the Sky
Agency selected for first phase of National CCTV Programme. 29th October 2010, 5:50pm
Spellers Ready to Rumble
The 2010 Spelling Bee kicks off on Tuesday, 2 November, with the primary school preliminaries. 29th October 2010, 4:57pm
Elgin Avenue Road Closure
A section of Elgin Avenue will close from 4:00 a.m. tomorrow, Saturday, 30 October until 5:30 a.m. on Monday, 1 November. 29th October 2010, 1:35pm
CIG's Procurement Process
The Auditor General announces an audit since concerns have been raised that the current process doesn't ensure the best value for money. 29th October 2010, 11:49am
Less Than Half Submitted
The Auditor General's Office released information about the status of Government's financial statements submissions for the year ended 30 June 2010. 29th October 2010, 11:40am
No-one Discounted
Census workers will strive to count everyone between now and mid-November. 28th October 2010, 5:22pm
Marine Parks: A Delicate Balance
Thanks to a generous international research grant, Cayman's marine parks can review for the future. 28th October 2010, 4:55pm
Premier Explains New Deal
Hon. McKeeva Bush stresses that millions of dollars are saved in interest payments in financing transacted. 28th October 2010, 11:03am
Avoid Travel to Haiti
Following a cholera outbreak in Haiti, Public Health warns against all non-essential travel to that country. 27th October 2010, 1:39pm
United Sports Effort
Thanks to a group effort, this year's government summer camps were once again successful. 27th October 2010, 1:15pm
Comment on Tort Reform
Public submissions on draft Consultation Paper on tort reform requested before 19 November. 26th October 2010, 1:58pm
Collective Knowledge to the Rescue!
Currently underway, Census 2010 will bring improvements to Cayman's social planning and crisis management. 25th October 2010, 5:19pm
"Makes Sense to Us"
Seniors Say experience has taught that census data is vital for planning and progress. 25th October 2010, 4:59pm
Healthy Aging
On this week's GIS Spotlight: A face-to-face with census workers; saving at-risk youth and healthy living for the young at heart. 25th October 2010, 10:59am
Compass Article Refuted
The Solicitor General states facts are misrepresented about cases not prosecuted. 22nd October 2010, 6:10pm
Fun for Everyone!
Seniors enjoy a fun-packed weekend. 22nd October 2010, 5:49pm
Rotary Aids After-School Initiative
An East End youth programme gets a generous gift. 22nd October 2010, 5:38pm
50th Met Council Coming
Sixteen regional governments will be in Cayman to attend November's 50th Caribbean Met Council session. 22nd October 2010, 5:17pm
More Than Mere Numbers
In addition to other crucial areas, Census 2010 is designed to help education and employment officials plan for Cayman's future. 21st October 2010, 1:52pm
Secure Your Dogs!
At least one garbage collector has been attacked by an unrestrained dog. 20th October 2010, 5:28pm
Food handlers can obtain certification.
Food handlers can obtain certification. 20th October 2010, 5:24pm
New Schools Moving Ahead
Ministry revising arrangements with sub-contractors in preparation for new construction managers. 20th October 2010, 1:30pm
Flowers for the Fallen
Poppy blooms commemorate those who died in War. 19th October 2010, 5:20pm
We Can see Clearly Now...
Thanks to a cutting edge equipment donation, the Lion's Eye Clinic can now expand its mobile services. 18th October 2010, 11:01am
Flu Vaccine Now Available
This year's vaccine will also protect against the 2009 H1N1 pandemic flu. 18th October 2010, 10:45am
Teach them Young!
On this week's GIS Spotlight: A new focus on early childhood education; advances in local eye testing and securing your personal rights. 17th October 2010, 2:42pm
Saying No on the Job
Join the National Drug Council this week as it promotes drug-free workplaces. 17th October 2010, 2:33pm
Smooth Census Sailing
One family counts themselves in for Census 2010; they are impressed by the entire process! 17th October 2010, 2:16pm
Thanks Cydonie!
Join the Hon. Premier and the Minister of Sport as they pay tribute to Cayman's golden girl next Monday. 15th October 2010, 5:33pm
Support for Radar Project
DAWLA fully supports placing doppler radar in Wilderness Farm in East End. 15th October 2010, 5:15pm
Fun Time for Seniors
Seniors enjoy their annual Government House tea party. 15th October 2010, 4:42pm
GOAP on Track
Government staffers prepare to move in early 2011. 14th October 2010, 5:54pm
Support for Census
Two local businesses provided quick service to help Census 2010. 14th October 2010, 5:42pm
World Mental Health Day
Sound mental health is vital to optimal well-being, says Heath Minister, the Hon. Mark Scotland, JP. 13th October 2010, 3:51pm
2011 Public Holidays
All public holidays for next year have been confirmed. 12th October 2010, 5:32pm
Keeping Things Legal
Census workers face stiff penalties for breaching confidentiality requirements. 12th October 2010, 4:44pm
Always Time for a Movie
West Bay Golden Agers enjoy an action-packed entertainment treat.  12th October 2010, 4:11pm
Tobacco Dealers Welcome
ublic Health invites tobacco dealers to a series of awareness sessions to help them with Tobacco Law compliance. 12th October 2010, 11:14am
Everyone Counts!
On this week's GIS Spotlight: Census 2010 is here; moving forward on the NCL and retrospective watercolours. 11th October 2010, 1:55pm
Cayman's Golden Girl
Star sprinter Cydonie Mothersill made history by becoming Cayman's first-ever athlete to win gold at the Commonwealth Games. 11th October 2010, 1:40pm
Back from London
Young Caymanian says he "gained a great deal" from his 11 months in the London Office. 11th October 2010, 1:35pm
Youth Policy Draft Update
National Youth Commission (NYC) Chairperson Jennifer Manderson, MBE presented the revised national youth document to government this week. 8th October 2010, 5:40pm
Supporting 10-10-10 from the Pulpit
Churches in Cayman endorse Census 2010 which begins this Sunday. 8th October 2010, 5:03pm
Census 2010 Is Here!
Get ready to be counted - Census 2010 starts this Sunday. 7th October 2010, 5:00pm
Knowledge by Right!
Right to Know Week 2010 emphasised sunshine provisions contained in the Freedom of Information Law. 7th October 2010, 4:48pm
RFP for GT Landfill
Proposals for the redevelopment of the George Town landfill are being solicited. 7th October 2010, 3:01pm
Can't Stop Lightning Strikes...
But a lightning detection system will help protect life and property, especially at the airports. 7th October 2010, 2:59pm
Breast Cancer Message
Breast cancer is indeed a powerful adversary, but it can never defeat compassion.  5th October 2010, 6:13pm
Fighting Childhood Obesity
The CHTF Health4Youth Programme includes nutritional counseling and afterschool exercise. 4th October 2010, 3:00pm
Mosquitoes Away!
On this week's GIS Spotlight: Fighting mosquitoes; autism awareness, and a home-grown, organic baker. 4th October 2010, 2:42pm
Be Alert!
Detecting developmental delays early on, can help you ensure the best possible outcome for your child. 1st October 2010, 5:48pm
Stepping Up to Help
Foster's Food Fair's generosity helps 1500 students start a new school year with new supplies. 1st October 2010, 5:21pm
Older Persons Month Message
Community Affairs Minister, the Hon. Mike Adam urges all to honour, cherish and care for Cayman's elders. 1st October 2010, 1:04pm