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CIG's Procurement Process

Auditor General Alastair Swarbrick

The Auditor General has announced today that his Office will be commencing an audit of the government’s management of the procurement process.

"As a result of a request by the Governor, a discussion with the Premier, and audit work I have recently commenced on the National Closed Circuit Television tendering process, I have decided to conduct a wider scope audit of the government’s procurement process at this time," said Alastair Swarbrick.

"There have been concerns raised that the current procurement process followed by the Cayman Islands Government does not obtain results that ensure the best value for money," said Mr. Swarbrick. "Therefore, the audit will focus on this aspect and other areas of the procurement process."

The audit will commence immediately and is planned to be reported to the Legislative Assembly early in 2011. The Office of the Auditor General will discuss the results of this audit once the report has been made public.