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Eyes in the Sky

The Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs has selected a local company to build the first phase of the National CCTV Programme. The selection of The Security Centre, Limited was approved by the Central Tenders Committee following a recent competitive Request for Proposals process.

The first phase of the Programme consists of the infrastructure and connectivity necessary to "backhaul" data from camera locations throughout Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac back to the Government's Computer Services Department where servers will store up to 60 days of images. In addition, the plan for phase one calls for cameras to be installed at certain high-priority locations. CCTV monitoring equipment and software will be provided for the Electronic Monitoring Centre in the 911 Emergency Communications Centre as well as district police stations.

The full design calls for almost 400 cameras throughout all three islands. Additional funding will be necessary to install cameras beyond the first phase and the procurement of these will be through a new competitive tendering process. A combination of Government funding as well as donations from the private sector will be sought to continue the project.

Mr. Eric Bush, Deputy Chief Officer of the Portfolio, stated that the purpose of the National CCTV Programme is to:

  1. Provide high quality evidence to be used by the Law Enforcement Agencies to prosecute offenders
  2. Assist in the reduction, prevention and detection of crime
  3. Reduce the fear of crime
  4. Promote community safety
  5. Protect property
  6. Stimulate continuing economic growth within the community
  7. Encourage the use of public and commercial facilities
  8. Monitor road traffic circulation and improve road safety.

According to the law, only businesses that have been licensed as a "security company" by the RCIP are eligible to sell security products in the Cayman Islands. There were a total of eight bids submitted by local companies.

Oversight of the project will be maintained by the National CCTV Committee chaired by Mr. Bush. The Committee consists of representatives of RCIP, Computer Services Department, Legal Department, Emergency Communications and Electronic Monitoring Department, and a member of the private sector.