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GOAP on Track

Work winds down on the Government Office Accommodation Project.

Twenty-nine government entities will have a new state-of-the art home in 2011. And staffers who will occupy the building can look forward to more space, amenities and benefits from the building's many energy-efficient features.

The Government Office Accommodation Project (GOAP) is on track for completion during January 2011 and offices will begin moving shortly thereafter, said the (GOAP) Chief Project Manager Jim Scott.

"Everything's on time and will be completed inside the contract price of CI$85,530,000.00," he said, adding that this will be a turn key delivery. Contractor McAlpine Ltd. is supplying a facility fully-fitted with furniture and equipment, while government is providing telecommunications and photocopiers.

Delivery of furniture and equipment is already advanced and landscaping is also now underway. Local flora is being incorporated into the design, particularly species which are drought and salt resistant.

Mr. Scott said that the building's initial occupants will include the Governor's Office and the Office of the Premier, as well as portfolios, ministries, departments, and authorities.

"The facility should accommodate a full complement of 1026 staff by the year 2013," he added, noting that every effort is being made to ensure that the relocation process will be conducted as efficiently as possible.

"Relocation management exercises have started and arrangements are being made for moves to take place in early 2011.

"While some agencies may experience down time during relocation, we are doing all possible to minimize this so that the public will not be severely affected," he said.

Mr. Scott further disclosed that the facility has a total area of some 240,000 sq ft located on five floors and with a parking garage beneath.

"Each floor area is 35,000 sq ft - equivalent to the entire Glasshouse," he said.

In addition to office accommodation, the facility will house the main government data centre, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority's currency operations, a suite of meeting and training rooms, a large conference room, a staff cafeteria and a large lobby for interfacing with the public.

A small post office facility will be located on the ground floor, primarily to handle government mail, Mr. Scott said.

He noted that the building is also a model in energy-efficiency, environmental-friendliness and functionality. "It is high performance all the way, with enhanced hurricane and earthquake resistance, upgraded security against theft and intrusion and superior energy efficiency and resource conservation.

"The design builder was tasked to pay particular attention to energy aspects, including the use of geothermal water to drive air-conditioning chillers, under-floor air supply, heat recovery from exhaust systems and efficient electrical systems that maximize the use of LED technology," Mr. Scott stated.

He added that the air-conditioning systems and finishing and furniture system specs will ensure that they enhance indoor air quality - regarded as essential for healthy staff.

Rain water harvesting and condensate water catchment have also been utilized to capture the runoff from roofs and re-utilize it for flushing toilets.

The project is registered with the US Green Building Council for a "LEED certified" (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) award. If successful, this will be the first LEED award in the Caribbean.

The construction is being delivered by McAlpine Ltd. utilizing a Design Build delivery, which is being project-managed by the Ministry of District Administration, Works, Land and Agriculture.

Works Minister the Hon. Juliana O'Connor-Connolly, JP said she is pleased with the progress of the building. She further applauded the project management team, the contractor and the staffers in her ministry who have dedicated considerable time to overseeing management of the project to ensure efficiency.

List of Agencies Relocating to GOAP

Office of the Governor

Office of Deputy Governor

Premier's Office

Cabinet Office

Ministry of Tourism

Ministry DAWL&A

Ministry Community Affairs & Housing

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Health EYSC

Portfolio of Internal & External Affairs

Attorney General's Office

CI Monetary Authority

Maritime Authority

Electrical Regulatory Authority

Financial Reporting Authority

Public Service Pensions Board

Portfolio of Civil Service

Computer Services

Education Department

General Registry

Government Information Services

Hazard Management CI

Lands and Survey

Planning Department

Postal Service


For further information contact: Prudence Barnes