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No-one Discounted

With Census 2010 already into its third week, many residents are wondering when they will be counted.

They need not worry, assures Economics and Statistics Office (ESO) Director Maria Zingapan, because this year everyone counts!

"We receive calls from people reminding us that they're still waiting to be counted. However, enumerators will be pounding the streets until mid-November, working to reach all households in accordance with a well-designed plan," she explains.

Although heavy rains at the start threatened the project with delays, to date census workers are on track.

"We are happy with progress, and with the fact that we are receiving so much positive feedback," says Census Manager Elizabeth Talbert.

One such comment came from former Cayman Islands Monetary Authority chairman Timothy Ridley: "I was counted this weekend by a charming and efficient lady. All went smoothly and I found nothing intrusive or offensive about the questions. I congratulate the Census 2010 team on a job well done!"

However, Mrs. Talbert is still reminding residents that they can help speed up the process by responding to the census calling cards left by their enumerators.

"Census workers spend many hours returning to households a second or third time and sometimes even more. It will help greatly if people call the enumerators to make appointments," she explains.

For further information contact: Cornelia Oliver