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Supporting 10-10-10 from the Pulpit

When census enumerators come knocking on your door, welcome them in and answer the questions.

Cayman's church leaders are expected to pray during this weekend's services for a successful Census 2010 exercise.

Cayman Ministers Association Chairman, Pastor Bob Thompson Jr. and Secretary Rev. Nicholas Sykes joined with Seventh Day Adventist CI Conference President, Pastor Eric Clarke to acknowledge the need for full participation. The census count begins this Sunday, 10 October.

"We understand how important this single biggest statistics-gathering exercise is for our country and all our people," Pastor Thompson said. "Without accurate population and housing data and other current statistics to guide us, all our forward planning will be unbalanced. We need to base our decisions on sound facts."

Rev. Sykes noted, "I have participated in a number of censuses. Knowing how they work, I have no hesitation in confirming that all personal information is kept confidential in the census database."

"People matter," added Pastor Clarke. "That is why they are counted in the census. And for accuracy's sake, no-one should be left out. We therefore need to welcome census workers and provide truthful answers to the questions."

Census 2010 is scheduled to continue through November. For more information on Census 2010, visit and


For further information contact: Bina Mani