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A Senior Focus

Health Services Authority staffers were on hand to give seniors flu shots at their wellness fair.

Minister of Community Affairs, Gender and Housing the Hon. Mike Adam, MBE, JP has urged seniors to utilise the CAY Health Programme which is geared at improving healthcare access.

Minister Adam was addressing seniors on (20 October) during their annual Wellness Fair at the Seafarers Association. Part of Older Persons Month, the fair was celebrated under the theme Older persons in Economically Challenging Times.

Explaining that the programme is a collaborative effort between his Ministry, the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and the Health Services Authority (HSA), he said:

"Your health and well being are of paramount importance to us. We aim to provide you with the necessary support to enable you to continue realising your potential during this rich period of your lives.

"You represent a most important population segment and I thank you for your effort in building solid communities and for continuing to make a positive difference in the country."

Seizing the opportunity to remind the seniors to participate in Census 2010, DCFS Director Deanna Look Loy told them that the exercise would enable government to plan more effectively. That, she said, would in turn lead to improvements in the healthcare and other services they receive.

The Wellness Fair also saw presentations from several others who offered the seniors advice on protecting their assets, as well as on their physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Cayman National Bank Manager Ormond Williams warned them to be wary of scams aimed at stealing their savings and to be prudent in their spending.

He noted the need for children to care for elderly parents to reduce the burden on government but he also urged older persons to share and trade what they do have with other seniors as a way of coping with these difficult economic times:

"If you have a breadfruit tree and can eat only one each week, don't allow the other fruit to fall off the tree and rot; give them away instead," Mr. Williams said.

Lands and Survey Deputy Director Ann Kirchman was on hand to advise the seniors how to protect their houses and land, while the HSA's Dr. Orrett Thane gave additional information on the CAY Health Programme.

This programme affords seniors access to a personal physician at a local health centre and enables them to collect medication without leaving the district. Another component provides health education and healthy lifestyle advice.

Following a light lunch, the Wellness Fair concluded with HSA personnel giving flu shots to the seniors.


For further information contact: Prudence Barnes