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Community IT

North Side Primary School students welcome HSBC (Bank) Cayman Limited's donation of twenty laptops.

Twenty laptops and a storage cart valuing CI$16,000, were recently donated to North Side Primary School by HSBC Bank (Cayman) Limited.

Solicited by North Side Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) Ezzard Miller, the equipment will be part of the school's classroom literacy and numeracy initiative. It will also assist with the computer literacy efforts of members of the North Side community.

"Because our district comprises such a small community, the primary school serves as a focal point for us," said Acting Principal Carol Nyack.

"The donation will certainly help our students develop academic and technological skills, but it will also enable parents to better-assist their children with information technology or other school-related projects."

She continued, "Youngsters in the community will also develop positive relationships with the school, while simultaneously developing skills that will make them more marketable."

Expressing gratitude for the donation, Education Minister the Hon. Rolston Anglin, JP lauded HSBC for its continued commitment to both Cayman's education system and to the community.

"Computer literacy is a skill we all need to function efficiently in this ever-changing global environment," he said. "This donation goes a long way towards ensuring that North Side students will be properly equipped with the requisite computer skills to survive and excel."

Voicing his own thanks, Mr. Miller said he couldn't thank HSBC Cayman enough for partnering with the community. "I want every North Side Primary School leaver to be expert in keyboarding," he said. "And I believe that this donation will help make that dream become a reality."

HSBC CEO, Gonzalo Jalles commented, "HSBC Cayman is proud to support such a great initiative. We are happy to see local schools taking positive steps toward educating students in computer technology.

"In today's digital environment, it is important schools recognize the significance of information technology as a key pillar of education. It is our hope that both the students and their parents will become computer literate, helping to assist others in the community build on their skills."

North Side Primary, in conjunction with the district council, has already conducted several computer literacy community classes. Open to all North Side residents, classes are held every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. Interested persons may register at the North Side MLA Office or call 947-9631.

For further information contact: Kenisha Morgan