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Focus on Fire Safety

Lead Firefighter Brevon Elliott (right) and Firefighter Chad Scott display their hard-earned fire training certificates following two weeks of intensive training in Florida.

The moment a fire fighter dons a helmet and suit when the station house bell rings, it's the start of an adrenaline rush.

But two Cayman Fire Service officers have now realised that there is a lot more involved. Thanks to two weeks of intensive training at the Florida State Fire College in Ocala, Lead Firefighter Brevon Elliott and Firefighter Darnley "Chad" Scott understand also the full value of fire safety and prevention.

Not only are officers expected to out fires, but they also have to ensure safe practices are followed so that rescued persons and their rescuers come out unharmed. "I am now more aware of the hazards that we can encounter at the fire scene such as the materials involved and structural integrity," Officer Scott said.

Completing two of six courses for certification in fire prevention and fire safety inspection and investigation, they are eagerly looking forward to further training.

"I didn't think I would be saying that, given how tough the course was, but I do want to learn more," Officer Elliott said. "We put in over 80 hours of class work followed by field work, home work and studying for tests."

Added Officer Scott, "It was tough and demanding, but it was also highly useful, interesting and educational."

The training dovetails with a departmental plan to strengthen a fully operational fire prevention and safety unit, Fire Chief Dennom Bodden outlined. "Officers are required to be trained to work in such a unit to enforce the fire code," he said. Trained officers can also work on cause and origins of fires, he added.


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