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More Than Forecasting

Climate Change and its effects

This week(Monday, 29 November) GIS Spotlight scrutinises the region's climate services, looks at climate change preparations, celebrates special abilities and goes behind-the-scenes of the Kittiwake sinking.

Meteorology experts and government officials from across the Caribbean met in Cayman for the 50th session of the Caribbean Meteorological Council (CMEC) last week. GIS Spotlight was there to interview weather specialists on their role in future planning.

Find outhow governments can tap their knowledge to prepare the region for climate change and other extreme weather events.

Right onthe heels of CMEC is the Cayman Islands' third national consultation forum on climate change adaptation. Hear why experts believe we desperately need a national climate change policy. Plus, find out what might be in store if we don't plan for climate change now.

This week, during International Day of Persons with Disabilities on Friday, 3 December, the world highlights its disabled citizens by focusing on their special abilities. Join GIS Spotlight as we celebrate the theme It's about ability with a look at disabled access in the home and at work.

Finally,we invite you onboard the Kittiwake for an exclusive pre-launch visit to what will soon be Grand Cayman's latest wreck dive.

Producedby Government Information Services, GIS Spotlight highlights government's services and solutions regarding issues that concern and affect you.

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