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Slapping Sister Island Mosquitoes

MRCU plane

For the first time next week, the Mosquito Research and Control Unit will conduct aerial larviciding operations in Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.

Unit Director Dr. Bill Petrie said that staff members expect to treat some 400 acres of prime mosquito breeding areas within the proximity of residences and resorts in Little Cayman and on the south coast of Cayman Brac.

"Depending upon the weather, the operation will commence on Tuesday, 30 November with two or three flights from Grand Cayman in the MRCU spray plane.

"'Natular' pellets dropped from the aircraft will release a mosquito-specific larvicide to kill emerging insects before they can become a biting nuisance," Dr. Petrie said.

Noting that the effects of the treatment will be residual for six weeks or more, he explained that results will be monitored with light traps that capture flying adult mosquitoes inside the treated areas.

"We hope that the larvicide pellets will significantly reduce nuisance biting on both islands," the MRCU Director concluded.


For further information contact: Prudence Barnes