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Three Water Bills Gazetted

Three companion pieces of proposed legislation relating to the provision of water and sewerage on the Islands were gazetted today in Extraordinary No. 82 (Tuesday, 30 November).

The Waste Water Collection and Treatment Bill, 2010 and the Water Production and Supply Bill, 2010, both new pieces of legislation, empower the Governor in Cabinet to issue concessions for the purposes of wastewater collection and treatment, and water production and supply, following advice from the Water Authority.

The bills also provide for the establishment of a Compensation Assessment Tribunal as well as outline the terms under which concessionaires will operate. Both bills contain a clause stating that once a concession is granted, the concessionaire will be deemed to hold a franchise under the Local Companies (Control) Law (2007 Revision).

The final measure is an amendment to the Water Authority Law (1996 revision) to give the Water Authority specific powers to regulate the concessionaires.

The bills are available on the Gazette website at


For further information contact: Susan Watler